About Us


Since we are committed to delivering the highest level of quality, freshness and service we are partnered with one of the largest family owned and operated Louisiana crawfish farms in the business. We know there is no replacement for knowledge and experience in the crawfish farming business. When we made the decision to get in the crawfish distribution business we knew that this was a must. We have been in the restaurant business for years and having been dependent on suppliers that could not provide the level of service that was required to maintain a consistent and reliable source prompted our move into the distribution side of the business. We felt obligated through our experience to build a reputable business that would deliver a higher standard.

We are truly grateful and very thankful for the support of our loyal customers who supported us in our decision to make this move. We are committed to delivering the level of quality, service, and value that will earn your business for many years to come.


Our company offers a live crawfish delivery and freshness guarantee that sets us apart in the industry. We offer three different grade sizes: Jumbo, Select and Field Run. Our crawfish is caught, graded, washed and picked up daily. The live crawfish is then loaded directly into our climate controlled trucks and kept at the optimal temperature during transport to insure the freshest quality upon delivery. Many control parameters are closely managed throughout each process to insure superior quality is maintained without compromise.
At Go Crawfish...we guarantee it!


At GoCrawfish there is no compromising service. We demand the highest level of service from our suppliers and we will deliver the same to you. We own and operate our own fully refrigerated trucks and delivery trailers to insure that our live crawfish are kept at the optimal temperature from the time they are loaded into our trucks to the time they are delivered to you. Transporting the crawfish in this manner insures it is delivered lively and fresh. We are committed to your complete and total satisfaction.


Our many valued repeat customers tell us that we are always very competitive and amongst the best in the crawfish industry. We constantly strive to deliver outstanding value. Our sales volume allows us to attain top pricing for product which we pass on to our customers. Through our relationship with our crawfish farms we are extremely confident that when you compare the delivered price for the highest quality crawfish and service that the choice is an easy one to make, GoCrawfish!